Commercial mist system applications

  • Buildings, new & historic
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Military
  • Pump Rooms
  • Prisons
  • Turbine & Machinery Enclosures
  • Archives
  • Vehicles
  • Tunnels
  • Restaurant kitchens (Deep Fat Fryers)
  • FM Occupancies, Hazard Category 1 (HC-1) (Museums, Libraries, Institutions, Hotels, Hospital, Commercial Offices, Churches, Restaurants, Schools and Universities Classrooms)
  • High ceiling up to 12m OH4 (Cinemas, Theatres, TV Studios)
  • Office Building OH1
  • Store OH1 (Shopping Centres)
  • Nursing Homes
  • Data Centres
  • Protecting Electrical Transformers

Nozzle – superior coverage

Less number of nozzles = Lower installation and maintenance cost.

All Stainless Steel internals of the nozzle

Low maintenance Pump station

Low cost Stainless Steel pipes (Ø12, 22, 28 & 42-60mm)

Very low weight of system (empty/full)

FULLY engineered to order.

Full integration with your systems.

Only potable water!

Commercial mist system Land Classification Testing and Approval

FM 5560 (turbine and machinery spaces (<260m³ to 1320m³).
FM 5560 (Light hazard occupies).
IMO MSC/Circ. 265/84, for protection in public areas such as bedrooms, storage, corridors, restaurants and service areas.
IMO MSC/Circ. 913, for local application in machinery spaces.
Part 12 EN14972 Fat Fryer & Galley Hood.
CEN/TS 14972 OH1, OH2, OH3, OH4.
CEN/TS 14972 – Anex B, for warehouse up to 12,5m.
CEN/TS 14972 – Anex B, for HHP (1 to 4) warehouse.
SP method 4912 fire suppression system on vehicle (Buses, Coaches, Vans and Cars).
Archive / Library CEN TS 14972 annex B, ref fire report BFL2020/TP02/001 and BFL2020/TP02/009
INSTA 900-3 Nordic residential sprinkler.
Tunnel: Uptun, Aplus guideline full scale fire test.
UNI 11565:2016 – rollingstock protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Commercial mist system: custom designed, highly engineered, quality manufactured fire suppression systems!
  • The mist developed by the performance of Commercial mist system high pressure patented nozzles has adefinitive cooling effect on a fire.
  • The fine mist actually “cleans” the smoke, helping to remove particles of combustion.
  • Extinguishing effect of mist relative to the amount of water used is extraordinary.
  • Fast extinguishing – fast automatic sprinklers with low RTI value or by detectors.
  • Rapid expansion of water droplets reduces the oxygen in the fire zone.
  • Risk of flash over is substantially reduced or reduced to ZERO.
  • Using less water than conventional sprinklers reduces drain sizes andreduces the amount of hazardous waste generated from discharge.
  • Using less water than conventional sprinklers reduces the amount of water required to be stored. Less room, less weight.
  • Small stainless steel pipe dimensions result in lessweight, ease of installation, and pipe networks that are easy to conceal.
  • Aesthetically pleasing nozzles.
  • The only wet sprinkler able to betested while in service using Commercial mist system’s Patented Test tool.
  • WATER, the ultimate green agent, environmentally friendly, people safe and readily available.
  • Fire systems that have fast response are highly effective, quick and easy to put back into service.