Low Pressure Mist Systems

Using state-of-the-art products, highly efficient water mist system use technology based on a fine mix of water droplets and water mist.

The droplets cool the surface to avoid reignition while the mist encapsulates the fire and suffocates it by restricting its oxygen. The droplets also stabilize the mist so the fire is extinguished with minimum damage to property.

Systems consist of a number of water mist heads mounted in a wet pipe system. Each water mist nozzle works automatically and independently.

The water mist head is concealed in the ceiling and only visible when activated, the nozzle has an elegant design and comes in a variety of different material & colours of nozzle covers.

Low pressure water mist systems are designed and installed in accordance with BS 8458:2105.

Category of system

Category of systemDescription of building/occupancy
Domestic occupancy
Single family dwellings such as:
• Individual dwelling house
• Individual flat
• Individual maisonette
• Transportable home
Houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) A)
Bed and breakfast accommodation A)
Boarding houses A)
Blocks of flats 18 m or less in height and with a maximum total floor area
of 2,400 m2 B), C)
Residential occupancy
Blocks of flats greater than 18 m in height C)
Sheltered and extra care housing
Residential care premises
Residential rehabilitation accommodation
Dormitories (e.g. attached to educational establishments)

A) Buildings with more than two floors and five or more lettable bedrooms should be treated as a residential occupancy.
B) Where the fire strategy requires the communal rooms and corridors to be protected by a watermist system, then the building should be treated as a residential occupancy.
C) This height is the height of the floor of the top storey above ground.